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Are Paid Ad Campaigns On Social Media Worth The Investment?

External Marketing activities on social media platforms are leveraged through paid ad campaigns. Social media channels can make, schedule and post targeted ads in specific markets. Conversions, awareness, and considerations are the main objectives of paid ad campaigns.

Social Media Strategy:

When you have decided to create and post ads on social media platforms, you should create a proper social media strategy. Therefore, you are required to determine, at first, what you want to achieve through the advertising campaign and then follow the goal accordingly.

Objectives Of Paid Ad Campaigns:

When you have a goal to achieve, the strategies of the paid ad campaigns can give you the right direction. For example, when you are going on a road trip, you start your journey from your house and the destination remains a goal in your mind. Similarly, paid ad campaigns work. When the ads are being shown to the audience, the journey begins. The ads will lead the audience to the destination through email subscription form, the offer in website content, or a social media profile.

Budget Of Paid Social Media:

In both traditional and digital markets, paid social media ad campaigns are one of the most affordable. Unlike TV and radio ads, where the payment is based on the length of the spot of the ad, social media ads depend on the campaign’s duration and the potential number of impressions. When you reach the spending limit in your account, you should keep a check and stop running the ad. If you want to continue with your ad, you can refill your account and continue. Make sure you set a budget for your ad campaigns before you start running the ads.

Different Social Media Platforms:

Different Social Media platforms have unique features which can set them aside from the others. The three remarkable features that can set you apart are easy access for leading the capture forms, visual content, and sufficient space for including the ad copy.

  • Facebook- Facebook targeted ads can be used, which is more convenient and affordable. The feature of the targeted ads runs on the bidding system. Advertisers can bid on a few preferable ads depending on their target market. All the bids are put into a lottery to be picked and shown to the audience.
  • Twitter- Sponsored tweets can be helpful for ad campaigns. The sponsored tweets are similar to the regular ones and bring good news for the advertisers. The viewers will not identify any difference between the regular and sponsored tweets and therefore more eyes will be attracted.

Other social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn can also show sponsored ads that help grow the business.


When you are starting the paid ad campaigns, you should start small. As social media marketing is ever-changing, you must be up-to-date with the trends and strategies of social media platforms. Before creating any ad campaign strategy, the advertiser needs to understand the budget and work towards the goal accordingly.